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Animals killed for food since opening this page


Data Used

Number of Land Animals Killed in 2013

In total, approximately 69,429,244,409 (69.4 billion) land animals were killed for meat in 2013.

Region: World + (Total), Element: Producing Animals/Slaughtered, Items Aggregated: Meat, Total > (List), Year: 2013
Meat, cattleHead298,799,160.08
Meat, buffaloHead25,798,819
Meat, sheepHead536,742,256.33
Meat, goatHead438,320,370.99
Meat, pigHead1,451,856,889.38
Meat, horseHead4,863,367
Meat, assHead2,689,800
Meat, muleHead523,600
Meat, camelHead2,568,266.03
Meat, other camelidsHead675,000
Meat, chickenHead*61,171,973,510
Meat, duckHead*2,887,594,480
Meat, goose and guinea fowlHead*687,147,000
Meat, turkeyHead*618,086,890
Meat, bird nesHead*59,656,000
Meat, rabbitHead*1,171,578,000
Meat, other rodentsHead*70,371,000
* converted from '1000 Head' to 'Head'

Number of Wild Fish Caught Per Year Between 1999-2007

"In this study it is estimated that between 0.97 and 2.7 trillion* fish (ie 970,000,000,000 to 2,700,000,000,000) were caught from the wild globally each year for 1999-2007."

Number of Farmed Fish Killed in 2011

"Using the same method of estimating fish numbers from reported aquaculture production tonnages, it is estimated that between 38 and 128 billion farmed fish were killed for food globally in 2011."

Source Code

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<h2>Animals killed for food since opening this page</h2>
<ul class="animal-kill-counter">
  <li><span id="akc-wild_caught_fish">0</span> wild caught fish</li>
  <li><span id="akc-chickens">0</span> chickens</li>
  <li><span id="akc-farmed_fish">0</span> farmed fish</li>
  <li><span id="akc-ducks">0</span> ducks</li>
  <li><span id="akc-pigs">0</span> pigs</li>
  <li><span id="akc-rabbits">0</span> rabbits</li>
  <li><span id="akc-geese">0</span> geese</li>
  <li><span id="akc-turkeys">0</span> turkeys</li>
  <li><span id="akc-sheep">0</span> sheep</li>
  <li><span id="akc-goats">0</span> goats</li>
  <li><span id="akc-cattle">0</span> cattle</li>
  <li><span id="akc-rodents">0</span> rodents</li>
  <li><span id="akc-other_birds">0</span> pigeons and other birds</li>
  <li><span id="akc-buffalo">0</span> buffalo</li>
  <li><span id="akc-horses">0</span> horses</li>
  <li><span id="akc-donkeys">0</span> donkeys and mules</li>
  <li><span id="akc-camels">0</span> camels and other camelids</li>

  <li><a href="">FAOSTAT [Region: <i>World + (Total)</i>, Element: <i>Producing Animals/Slaughtered</i>, Items Aggregated: <i>Meat, Total > (List)</i>, Year: <i>2013</i>]</a></li>
  <li><a href="">Fish count estimates (</a></li>


  var updatesPerSecond = 20;
  var animalsKilledPerYear = {
    "wild_caught_fish": 970000000000,
    "chickens": 61171973510,
    "farmed_fish": 38000000000,
    "ducks": 2887594480,
    "pigs": 1451856889.38,
    "rabbits": 1171578000,
    "geese": 687147000,
    "turkeys": 618086890,
    "sheep": 536742256.33,
    "goats": 438320370.99,
    "cattle": 298799160.08,
    "rodents": 70371000,
    "other_birds": 59656000,
    "buffalo": 25798819,
    "horses": 4863367,
    "donkeys": 3213400,
    "camels": 3243266.03,

  var secondsPerYear = 365 * 24 * 60 * 60;
  var interval = 1000/ updatesPerSecond;
  var count = 0, start = new Date().getTime();

  function update(intervalCount) {
    for (var subset in animalsKilledPerYear) {
      var numKilled = animalsKilledPerYear[subset];
      var countElement = document.getElementById("akc-" + subset);
      if (countElement) {
        countElement.innerHTML = Math.round(intervalCount * (numKilled/secondsPerYear) / updatesPerSecond).toLocaleString();

  function selfCorrectingTimeoutInterval() {
    window.setTimeout(selfCorrectingTimeoutInterval, interval - (new Date().getTime() - start - count * interval));
  window.setTimeout(selfCorrectingTimeoutInterval, interval);